About Ridge Hall Cottages

About Ridge Hall

The Ridge is a magical location set within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. A well kept secret now waiting to be shared and experienced by guests to Ridge Hall

‘This is a hospital for the soul’

There has been a road along the Ridge since prehistoric times and Ridge Lane runs east to west from Staithes on the coast to Scaling on the moors. About 5 miles long the lane is probably one of the most stunning switchback roads in the country.

Ridge Hall dates mostly from the mid 1800’s, when it was extensively remodelled to form the Summer House and later the Dower House for Grinkle Park – home of the Palmer family, great ship builders and industrialists of Tees-side.

There has been a settlement here for many centuries and the stone above the entrance to the medieval hall comes from an ancient hermitage on the moors and is in Attic Greek – ‘This is a hospital for the soul’.

Share Nicky and David's vision for Ridge Hall

Ridge Hall – an inspiration…

David and Nicky Bamford first saw Ridge Hall on a misty, cold and January day in 2001 and instantly recognised it as home. By May 2001 they had moved in and had started their loving restoration of the once neglected Hall – ably assisted by their children.

Family Bamford soon had the kitchen garden back in order – all organic and backed up by a 60 ft poly-tunnel providing exotic fruit and vegetables to compliment the traditional orchard and plots.

‘This is a hospital for the soul’

Ridge Hall gets its water from a spring at Twizzy Ghyll and this is just filtered and purified. Rainwater is collected to not only water the gardens but also to flush the toilets.

The ecological approach is continued with consideration of energy consumption.

The cottages are all electric powered as Ridge does not have a gas supply. The high level of insulation in the properties ensures that running costs are kept to the minimum. The main house runs on biomass.

The field to south of Ridge Hall and the cottages provides a marvellous ‘playing fields with a view’ as well as orchard fruit and artichokes. Nicky is also hoping to get a pony one day. Granddad has already established the hen house, and “the girls” have a hot breakfast every morning before anyone else is fed!

Currently David and Nicky are looking at creating a native, deciduous woodland on the slopes of the field, an area of some 2.4 acres. This will provide habitat for wildlife, recreational amenity for family and guests, and be invaluable as a carbon off – set. Discussions with the National Park Authority are complete and we hope work will commence towards the end of 2024.

In developing the cottages, the family hope to be able to share the magic and beauty of Ridge with their guests. The feeling of belonging to a very special timeless place and maybe the opportunity to make new friends…

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